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MetLife Term Life insurance is issued by Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company, policy form #5E-23-12 (except in NY) (not available in all states), and by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166, policy form #1E-23-12 NY (NY only). Both are MetLife companies.

MetLife Term Life insurance: The 'term length' refers to the time frame in which the policy rates will not go up (level premium period). Significantly increased premiums are necessary to renew the policy after the end of the level premium period. Premiums will increase on an annual basis after the level premium period. This policy is renewable to age 95. Rates are effective as of April 2015. Coverage and rates are subject to underwriting and are not guaranteed. Other rating classes, level premium periods, issue ages, and coverage amounts are available. Rates have been rounded to the nearest dollar.

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